LILAC is a healthcare practice that offers cutting edge treatment in the fields of Integrative, Alternative, Anti-Aging/Regenerative and Energy Medicine.

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LILAC The Book

This book provides a compact overview on how patients and their loved ones can empower themselves when faced with disease. From navigating the process of diagnosis to the treatment stages in today’s modern healthcare system, advice and guidance is given to hasten the process of recovery and healing.

Coming from both side of the world, East and West, and having lived both cultures equal halves of her life, Dr. Epifania Cruz gives readers philosophies and clinical expertise that is often lacking in our classical modern medical practices. Dr. Cruz knows this book could do well to end up in the hands of doctors too.

Her medical center, LILAC, (Lotus Integrated Longevity/Anti-­Aging Center), treats the patient as a whole being, NOT their symptoms.

Lotus Integrated Longevity /Anti-­Aging Center Inc.

“A center for health and disease …. Where patient’s will and power matters”



I had diabetes, a fractured hip due to osteoporosis, low thyroid and my hormones were not balanced. My old doctor had me on a drug for my diabetes which quickly gave me pancreatitis. I knew I had to switch doctors fast! With Dr. Cruz and her treatment, I no longer have diabetes, my bones are stronger, my hormones are balanced and my thyroid functions better without the use of synthetics drugs. Plus I’ve lost 42 pounds and I feel great!
Peggy Massler, LILAC patient

Our Philosophy

It is the goal of this book to increase public awareness of menopause, anti-aging and that, ultimately, you have a choice. You, the patient, have power. You have the power to understand what is going on with your mind and body. You have the power to know the options, all of them, in how to address your symptoms and disease. You have the power to choose alternative medicine along with conventional medicine. You have the power to be healthy.

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